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About Us

We are a professional, fully insured, white glove furniture removal service. Our goal is to provide you with the easiest and least stressful experience possible.

Free Furniture Removal exists because we experienced the frustrations which selling used furniture online creates. First, you have to allow a complete stranger into your home who could be anyone and probably has dirty shoes. Then they argue with you over $20, even though you’re selling the furniture for a fraction of what you paid. Worst of all, once a deal is finally made, there’s no telling how many scrapes and holes they’ll leave in your walls as they try to carry the furniture out!

Even trying to give away furniture to family and friends can be frustrating. A truck or trailer often has to be organized, the furniture sits in the way for weeks until the receiver finally comes to get it, and once again the damage to the house can far outweigh the value of the furniture.

This is where Free Furniture Removal comes in.

Our Services

  • Moving and don’t want to take all the furniture with you?
  • Remodeling and don’t want to try and sell your used furniture?
  • Preparing for a party, reunion, or other event at your home?
  • Moving into a home where furniture has been left behind?
  • Downsizing? Updating? Replacing?

No matter your motivation, Free Furniture Removal is there to reduce stress and simplify your life. Once you write us, we will contact you and schedule a time for our professional removal crew to come to your home. We will also ask for details about the furniture to be removed, including total number of pieces and the approximate dimensions of each piece. Additional information such as staircases, narrow doors, etc is appreciated.

From carrying couches to removing entertainment centers, we are very careful to give you the best service possible. This includes putting booties on our shoes, using dollies and hand-trucks, and not leaving your home until you are happy with our service.

*Please note that we are not a junk-removal service. All the furniture we remove needs to be in good enough condition to be donated and resold. A good guideline is “if the local thrift store wouldn’t accept this, I shouldn’t call Free Furniture Removal.”

Areas Served

We currently offer furniture removal in the state of Utah with trucks traveling from Utah County up to Weber County. This also includes Salt Lake, Summit, and Davis counties.

However, we are anticipating that our service will be available in the areas surrounding Boise, ID, Las Vegas, NV, and Phoenix, AZ by mid-2018. If you live in these areas and have furniture which you would like removed, we’ll be there to serve in only a few months time.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

Las Vegas

Las Vegas



Contact Us

If you would like to schedule a pickup, have any questions about our service, are wondering if we remove from your area, or have any other questions, please use the form below to contact us. We will be in touch within 24 hours.